ESO welcomes new employees

The Economics and Statistics Office has welcomed several new staff members in past few months, including a new chief statistician.

Hailing from Sweden, where he worked at Statictics Sweden for more than 30 years, Ronnie Andersson started his assignment as ESO Chief Statistician on 1 October.

Mr. Andersson will manage the Statistics Section within ESO, and his primary responsibility will be to develop and improve Cayman’s national statistics system so that it meets international standards in areas not yet at that level, said a GIS press release.

‘I have done similar work in other countries before and I find the work to develop a country’s statistical system very interesting and rewarding. I will also work a lot with, and be responsible for, the coming population and housing census, which is a real challenge for a statistician,’ he said.

Other new ESO staff are:

Selburn Christian, who started work as a statistician in the ESO’s System of National Accounts on 1 August. The SNA is charged with implementing and maintaining the national accounting systems for the Cayman Islands.

To that end, his responsibilities involve managing the compilation of the production accounts for the Cayman Islands. (The production account records the activity of producing goods and services and is necessary in the calculation of Gross Domestic Product – the most recognizable aggregate generated by the SNA.)

Prosper F. Bangwayo-Skeete from Zimbabwe, who joined the ESO on 1 October as an economist. She will primarily be responsible for monitoring economic and financial trends in the money, banking and financial sector. She will also assist in macro-economic forecasting, policy-oriented research and project reviews.

Theodore Thompson, appointed as a statistical officer responsible for the efficient management of the Business Register, is an experienced statistician from Guyana.

The Business Register is a compilation of active businesses that include those involved in the production of goods and services within the Cayman Islands.

Julietta Beaupierre from the Commonwealth of Dominica was appointed as a senior statistician. She will manage the Balance of Payments unit and produce the BOP and trade statistics in accordance with international standard. (The BOP is a statistical statement that records all the economic transactions between residents of the Cayman Islands and the rest of the World.) She will also oversee the publication of the BOP and trade statistics.

Daisylyn Chin from Jamaican started her career as statistician/demographer at the ESO in February this year. Prior to joining the office she worked at the Statistical Institute of Jamaica as a senior statistician. She will manage the socio-economic and demographic statistics programme of the Cayman Islands.

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