New management for Rum Point

The company that owns the resort property of Rum Point Club is to take over management of the popular relaxation spot next month.

Rum Point Investment Ltd. will take over management of the property from the beginning of November, Adrien Briggs, co-owner of the site, has confirmed.

This follows on from the Caymanian Compass story last month that The Hyatt Regency has made a decision to pull out of Rum Point come 1 November.

Rum Point Club is a beach resort on the north of the island, which has been run by the Hyatt Hotel since 1995.

There are 20 Hyatt staff members working at the Rum Point location and a majority of those have decided they want to stay on working at Rum Point under the new management, Mr. Briggs said.

General Manger of the Hyatt Diego Concha recently said the Rum Point staff would be given options such as staying on at Rum Point under new management if they so wished, or to return to work at the hotel, or some might choose to go elsewhere.

Mr. Briggs added that under the new management there is very little that will change about the property, and they are even hoping that they won’t have to close down during the change-over.

One aspect of change that hopefully will take place is the plan to get the Rum Point restaurant open for the winter season.

The restaurant has been out of commission since Hurricane Ivan struck Grand Cayman in September 2004.

‘We’re trying to get the restaurant open for the coming winter but we have no timetable on that for the moment,’ Mr. Briggs said.

The ferry service has not been running since Ivan either and asked if the scheduled service will return Mr. Briggs said, ‘Not at this particular point in time’.

However, he did say there are plans for some evening sails from the west side of the island to Rum Point, but not as a scheduled ferry service.

‘At this point in time we’re trying to get our feet back on the ground,’ he said.

Red Sail Sports will remain operating at the property.

The resort is a popular day-time spot for residents and tourists to hang out in lounge chairs or hammocks, eat food and enjoy cocktails from the Wreck Bar & Grill, partake in water sports from Red Sail Sports and bask in the crystal clear shallow surrounding waters.

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