Putting down a good man

It’s a shame big people in the Legislative Assembly always get up and try to put a good man like McKeeva Bush down when he has done so much good for the island – before he even entered politics and even more since he has been in politics.

I only wish this government would do as much as he did and people wouldn’t have so much to complain about what is happening now.

Look at how many homes were repaired since Hurricane Ivan by Mr. Bush and his team and they are still getting blamed for not doing anything.

The government is talking about the homes that were badly built by them (affordable housing schemes) and none of them were blown down by Ivan.

Tell me how many you all built since you all got power and why some of the poor people are still living in the trailers.

You all should get down on your knees and ask God forgiveness for your sins so that you all can be better people.

There is going to be one judge of us all.

Instead of all these roundabouts you all should take that money and repair or build homes for those poor people who have nowhere to go. They cannot live on those roundabouts when storms approach this island. They appear like puzzles because some people don’t know what to do or where to go when they get on them.

Why don’t you all fix those that we have which are badly in need of repair.

Everyone should give their lives to God for every day I pray for all of us in this world.

I am not writing this letter out of begrudgefullness or hatred because I love all the people in this world. I am a Christian and one thing I believe in is giving credit where it is due and when I know Mr. Bush should be one of them, I cannot sit back and let him be criticised and not speak on his behalf. I was never a beggar and don’t depend on others to do anything for me for I would rather work to help my family; thank God for all He has given me.

Accept Jesus and have everlasting life in heaven God bless each and every one of us.

Myrtle Smith-Rivers

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