Global warming – who’s right?

Al Gore recently won a Nobel Prize for his work on global warming.

Does this mean he is correct? No.

During a filmed interview, Gore presented some data taken from holes drilled into the Antarctic ice sheet. The cores show 600,000 years of ice ages and intervening warm periods. We are now close to the end of our current warm period.

Gore presented some CO2 and temperature graphs, which were made from the data in the ice cores, claiming that both graphs are correlated (both go up and down) and that his shows that increased CO2 causes global warming.

What Gore did not say is that the graph for temperature LEADS the graph for CO2. That is, the temperature goes up first, then the CO2 follows. I have the same graphs right here in my office. They clearly show that temperature is the leading variable, both up and down.

What really happens is that temperature drives biological activity, and then biological activity then produces more CO2. The lag a few hundred years, which you can regard as the time it takes for the biological activity to crank up.

Naturally, the biological activity also follows the temperature down after a time lag.

This shows that temperature IS the independent variable, and CO2 IS the dependent variable.

So what drives the temperature? The same thing that always drives temperature, heat.

What is painfully obvious is that the heat we receive from the sun varies, which causes the earth’s temperature to vary, which causes our repeating long ice ages with short intervening warm period.

The sun’s power reaching the earth varies for a number of reasons, including activity in the sun, changes in the earth’s orbit, dust in space between the earth and the sun, and dust being thrown up by volcanoes.

The facts show that after our last ice age ended, temperature rose continuously for 6000 years until it reached a peak around the time of the Sumerians, 3000 to 4000 BC.

The temperature then was far higher than it is today. Since then, there have been declining peaks and valleys reaching a low during the mini ice age, which lasted from about 1400 AD to 1800 AD.

The Baltic Sea froze over and ice festivals were held annually on the river Thames.

Water vapour is not only the strongest green house gas, but it is 96 per cent of ALL green house gases. When have you ever read of a warmist complaining about water vapour? Never, because they can’t think of a way to control it.

They concentrate on the small fraction of the remaining 4 per cent, which contains some CO2 and some methane. Methane is another green house gas which is 23 times more potent than CO2. Methane comes from natural gas leaks, biological activity in soil microbes, and waste gas from animals.

Characteristically, the warmists hardly ever mention methane either, once again because they can’t think of any way to control it.

The warmists and their lead prophet Gore are so dishonest that they ignore all this. The tragedy is that most people are too un-educated to know it.

If they did, they would see the whole global warming movement for what it really is. A huge control and power grab.

Gerry Miller

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