Culture Street at Boatswain’s Beach

Cayman Street, at Boatswain’s Beach offers visitors a glimpse into Cayman’s yesteryear heritage.

Operated by Chris and Trina Christian of Cayman Traditional Arts, Cayman Street aims to promote and encourages others to preserve while providing fun hands on activities.

Walking down the street will bring you face to face with the diverse people of Cayman, unique artefacts, centuries old stories and a fascinating history.

Caymanians like sprat net maker Jeralow Rankine, thatch basket designer Carmen Conolly, artists Carley Jackson and Chris Christian, traditional games demonstrator Richard Powery and Lucille Douglas famous for her local juices, jams and heavy cakes share their knowledge with all those who take a stroll down Cayman Street.

Many exhibits such as thatch baskets, the caboose, conch shells coconut graters, whompers, pots, fry pans, oil lamps, and indigenous plants and trees can be found nestled in and around the quaintly designed Caymanian cottages.

From Monday to Sunday those involved at Cayman Street stage different culture demonstrations

‘Demonstrations are geared at getting tourists involved in the local heritage and culture,’ said Trina Christian of CTA. ‘Everyone should get involved because it involves promoting and saving our culture for future generations to enjoy.’

Chris Christian, Traditional Arts Cayman street coordinator is a native Caymanian artist. Most of his technique is self-taught, although influenced by artwork that he has studied throughout his travels. A member of the local art community Native Sons, Chris, along with his wife Trina, is staunch on promoting, preserving and teaching the traditional arts of the Cayman Islands.

He has just recently opened CTA main office and art studio in Nurse Leila’s historical home at #60 West Church Street, West Bay, contact number is 925-5102 or email [email protected].

Carley Jackson – Artist/Craftsperson

Winsome Palmer – Fritter Demonstrator

Rodney Ebanks – Traditional Games & Gigs

Richard Powery – Traditional Games & Gigs

Georgette Hughes – Heavy Cakes

Eulene McLaughlin – Silver Thatch Rope & Fritters

Jenneice Johnson – Silver Thatch Rope & Fritters

Jeralow Rankine – Net Maker & Marine Demonstrator

Lucille Douglas – Juices, Jams & Local Fruits

Martina Bodden – Thatch & Heavy Cakes

Carmen Conolly – Thatch demonstrator


Rope Making

The Silver Thatch rope is demonstrated to visitors using the traditional rope cart. Guests are able to participate by turning the rope strand.

Art & Traditional Silver Thatch Brushes

Guests are able to watch the traditional brushes being made and test one out. Local artists paint the scenes of Boatswain’s Beach.

Gig spinning & Carving

Gig spinning is demonstrated and people have the opportunity to try spinning a traditional gig.

Calavan Assembly

CTA teaches visitors about the traditional Calavan, and other local traps and artefacts.

Heavy Cake & Grating Demonstration

CTA has a weekly heavy cake demonstration where visitors to Cayman Street can learn about how heavy cakes are made, and try sampling one.

Cooking fritters over the Ole Caboose

Fritters are made over the traditional caboose on Cayman street which offers visitors the opportunity to try the local fritters.

Blowing the conch horn

Guests learn how conch horns were blown and what they were used for. People are able to try it out.

Kite making demonstration

Traditional kite making and flying is demonstrated and when the wind permits, visitors can try their hand at flying a kite.

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