Drugs are all over

So it has come to light that children in Private schools also get exposed to the same drugs that public schools children are exposed to.

I am glad that their eyes have been opened!

Back when I was in school in the early 70s, we the public school children were treated like we were the bad seed because we did not have wealthy parents to put us in private schools, all you could hear my child will not go to the public schools they are full of drugs.

Hello wake up Cayman.

Drugs are everywhere and especially where there is lots of money!

Your parents’ wealth doesn’t keep drugs away from you. In fact because you have money it is more accessible to you.

So do not knock the children that go to public schools. Many, many, many of them have grown up to be more successful than those that had everything given to them.

Parents being involved, knowing where your child is and who he/she is keeping company with is a must for every parent. I was a single mother from when my eldest was 10 years old and I had three boys!

Whatever they have turned out to be I did my job as a parent and while holding a full time job,

They were my first priority.

You do not need lots of money to entertain your children because at the end of the day children will remember the fishing trip not the expensive shoes you bought for them.

Need I say more?

Della Watler-McCoy

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