Do something about costs

It was with great interest that I read what the Public Accounts Chairman Mr., Osbourne Bodden said recently regarding audit reports from the different government departments.

Mr. Bodden indicated – and I agree with him – the importance of these reports being done so that government will have a better understanding in regards to the direction the country moves with its spending.

I am, however, very puzzled that he could make such truthful remarks and yet he is one who is presently supporting the spending spree his government is on without knowing what exactly the country can afford from what we can’t.

It seems he know what is right but chooses to follow rather than lead.

There are serious issues in regards to the cost of living here on these Islands. There are also serious and real issues in our government schools that need to be addressed.

Building state of the art schools is not the answer as the now minister for education seems to think, and please, no one take this out of context, – I am not saying we don’t need good schools but unless the issues such as we have been hearing about are addressed then new schools will not automatically change the attitudes as the minister seems to think in his dream would happen.

It is time for the present government to wake up and realise that they have to do something about it. Be real; life is and try to think with a clear mind.

Shane Ebanks

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