Unintended consequences of rollover

The Cayman Islands Government has just shot Cayman in the foot again.

Can it afford to repeat doing this again and again? No.

Recently, I learned that some more very valuable people are being kicked off the Island.

Ever since arriving in this country years ago, these people have been enthusiastic supporters of Cayman’s fragile culture.

They have volunteered countless hours of their time scripting, acting in, and producing plays and supporting the Cayman National Choir.

The irony is that these people have never intended to retire or otherwise stay forever in Cayman.

It has never been in their plans to seek Permanent Residency or Cayman Status. All they ever wanted was to plan their own careers and retirement, which means to leave Cayman at the optimum time in their careers.

However, to the great disadvantage of Caymanians, their own rollover and labour laws are totally blind to social damage.

How can any country advance when it kicks out its most valuable people?

How can this possibly be in Cayman’s interest?

Are Caymanians totally powerless to stop this?

Gerry Miller

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