What does Cayman offer?

Firstly, I would like to point out that the Cayman Islands Government nor any of it’s agents had anything to do with bringing Ms Alba to these shores and they (Gov’t.) were, in fact, obstructive to the film-makers who shot the following (to her certification) film in which she starred, which prevented them from shooting it here, in Grand Cayman.

What bigger boost to the industry could we have got? Instead they filmed elsewhere and the opportunity was lost.

Secondly, I would be very interested to know what the primary reason for people to visit these islands is, as it wasn’t stated very clearly in the article.

We do not have a large enough assortment of attractions on the island to keep the average tourist entertained, if they are indeed coming down to just visit and not partaking in scuba.

We have the weather for nearly any outside entertainment, why isn’t there a water park for instance and I don’t mean the overpriced Lagoon at the Turtle Farm.

It doesn’t have to be Busch Gardens or anything of that magnitude but we should at least have something (not all of us are as flexible as we used to be, so the skate-park is out of the question).

As a working DM on the island I am very interested in this topic and am doing my best along with the company I work for to get people to return, which to a certain degree we are having quite a bit of success with.

I feel the way the Government views us in the industry makes it very hard, sometimes, for companies to keep hold of staff, for, as mentioned in the article, it can be very difficult to make ends meet for the lowly DM.

Matty Pearson

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