Victim named shooter, witnesses say

Renold Pearson named ‘TJ’ as the person who shot him and his brother last November in East End, witnesses said in Grand Court this week.

TJ is the nickname of Trevino Tennson Bodden, who has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr. Pearson and Brenard Dale Scott.

Justice Alexander Henderson and the jury of eight women and four men have heard that Mr. Scott apparently died at the scene. Mr. Pearson was taken by ambulance to the George Town Hospital where he underwent surgery, but died.

At the time of the incident Mr. Pearson was 48 and Mr. Scott, also known as Chicken or Chicken Bone, was 36. TJ, the men’s second cousin, had recently turned 21.

Four witnesses gave accounts of seeing an altercation on the night of 1 November between TJ and Mr. Scott at Fiddlers Way, a dead-end street behind Sea View Road. A neighbourhood gathering place, the area is also referred to as down the back.

All four witnesses said TJ ran off after the fight. Three said they saw him come back with a gun. They said he shot Mr. Scott several times and then when Mr Pearson approached him, shot Mr. Pearson.

The fourth witness said he went into his house after the fight; after he heard shots he peeped outside and saw TJ leaving with a gun in his hand.

In opening the case for the Crown, Solicitor General Cheryll Richards told the jury that one of the main issues would be identity.

The first eye witness to the fight told the court that after the shooting, she phoned Mr. Pearson’s daughter. She said she was present when the daughter came and spoke with her father. She heard Mr. Pearson say, ‘Baby, TJ shoot us.’ Asked why, he said for nothing.

Howard Hamilton QC, instructed by Defence Attorney Margeta Facey-Clarke, cross-examined the witness. He suggested that her entire evidence was false. She said it was all true.

Mr. Hamilton read sections of a statement she had given to police. She agreed it was not true, but said when she made it she was frightened for her life. Later she said she gave police another statement because she couldn’t sleep and had to say what she saw.

Mr. Hamilton suggested to her and to another witness that they had got together with others afterwards and reconstructed the incident. Both said that was not true.

Mr. Pearson’s daughter and two brothers gave evidence. They said they went to where Mr. Pearson was lying, waiting for the ambulance. Each spoke to him and said he told them that TJ had shot him and Chicken.

Mr. Pearson’s sister told the court that she was talking with the 911 operator, who asked her to ask Renold who shot him. She said she put her phone close to Renold. He said TJ shot him and Chicken and gone up through the back running and wearing black shorts, no shirt.

Crown Counsel Nathania Rankin read several witness statements into evidence. One was from a neighbour, who said she went to Mr. Pearson’s mother’s house, where he was lying in the doorway. She said she heard when Mr. Pearson was asked if he knew who did it. He replied, ‘Yeah, TJ.’

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