Classes give parents hope

An initiative by the Department of Children and Family Services is helping parents cope with a range of issues relating to children and youth.

Tuesday night at the Bodden Town Primary School, parents and concerned relatives of Cayman’s youth again had the opportunity to talk with parenting advisors.

Although the topic for the night was Bringing up Boys parenting facilitators were again drawn back to last week’s discussion of dealing with teenage girls.

According to child psychologist Ann Morris they are willing to support parents with troubled children of any age. ‘The programme is not only open to parents but to anyone who is in a parenting role. These could include moms, dads, grandparents, foster care and adoptive parents,’ she said.

Discussion included was the use of cell phones, Internet runaways, dress codes and problem friends.

‘Parents are welcome to join the group and discuss other issues children are having, such as abuse, education, truancy, verbal and physical abuse and curfew,’ said Ms Morris.

Even if parents are having aggravating problems such as messy rooms, chores not being done and low school grades, facilitators are trained to give advice.

Ms Morris, assisted by parent facilitator Vinnie Sykes, said they are willing to provide related information leaflets for parents and caregivers to help deal with the stress of parenting.

Facilitators help you discover more of your own answers, by providing support and parent guidance that results in positive changes for the entire family.

The districts meetings are targeting West Bay and Bodden Town.

West Bay is focusing on child abuse prevention with parents at the John A. Cumber Primary School; Bodden Town meetings cover a range of topics.

Parent facilitators are available weekly to all parents and youth in room 14 at Bodden Town Primary. For more information contact programme coordinator Selena Dyke at 949-0290 or community development officer Carole Bodden at 947-7144.

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