Tales of treasure in NS

An excavation and pipe laying crew from the Water Authority are on the lookout for buried treasure in North Side.

The crew has reached the Driftwood Village area, which is the site where a cache of gold and silver was apparently uncovered back in the 1960s when the road was being constructed.

‘There used to be a newspaper clipping of the find in Otto’s office (former owner of Driftwood Village) explained Frank McCoy, Driftwood manager.

They were grading the surface of the road to make it smooth when the gold and silver was unearthed. According to various accounts the treasure included a silver spittoon and some bits of Spanish pieces of eight. No one was able to confirm who ended up in possession of the hoard.

This is not the only account of treasure being unearthed in North Side. David Whittaker re-calls that a grave was being dug in the main North Side cemetery when the shovel hit something that gleamed in the sunlight.

‘Johnny ‘Mack’ Brown was digging and he unearthed a gold plate,’ he said.

Luman Whittaker also remembered the same story and added that ‘Mr. Craddock Ebanks who was in charge of the district, told ‘Mack’ Brown to stop digging, but word got out and the next day the whole area was dug up. At the time Mack was regarded as the strongest man in North Side. He used to be able to lift two bags of concrete with his teeth.’

Tideman Cromwell Ebanks, 90, who was born in a thatched cabin at Rum Point, said he had heard from another man (Razwell McLean) that was there in the cemetery that day, that ‘they were digging the grave when they unearthed a ring of red bricks and in the centre there were some silver plates surrounded by gold. He had also heard that someone came in the night and dug the area up.’

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