Police stuck in search for killer

More than two months, a US $12,500 reward, and numerous police pleas for the public’s help have not turned up a West Bay man’s killer.

Last week, Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said he still considered the investigation into the fatal shooting of 41-year-old Marlon Brando Ebanks an open case, but he admitted to being disappointed that tips from the public have so far not led officers to a suspect.

‘We still have leads to tie down and to investigate,’ Mr. Kernohan said. ‘We’re still trying to find eyewitnesses. Very often these cases are solved through the public’s help.’

Mr. Ebanks was shot to the death in the backyard of his home on Boatswain Bay Road the night of 21 August. An autopsy determined he was shot four times in the head and four times in the body. A police inspector said the shooting bore the ‘hallmark of a contract killing.’

A person believed to be a suspect was seen leaving the crime scene on a bicycle. Witnesses later put two men riding a bicycle along Boatswain Bay Road at the time of the killing, but those two men have not been found.

One man arrested after his wallet was discovered at the fence line of Mr. Ebanks’ property was released after police determined he was not involved in the shooting.

‘Clearly any unsolved murder is as much a concern for us as it is for the people of the Cayman Islands,’ Mr. Kernohan said, adding that an entire team of investigators had been assigned to the case.

‘It’s a multi-skilled team that’s put on here, unlike in the US when it’s normally one or two homicide investigators who will work the case,’ he said.

Police made arrests quickly in Cayman’s two other killings this year, and Mr. Kernohan admits an unsolved homicide is relatively rare in these islands.

‘Although it is clear that, around the world there are cases which go unsolved,’ he said. ‘That is unfortunately the nature of crime.’

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