Defendant testifies in murder trial

Trevino Tennson Bodden told the jury on Wednesday that he had no reason to hate Brenard Scott or Renold Pearson, the two men he is accused of murdering.

Questioned by his attorney, Howard Hamilton QC, about the night of 1 November 2006, Bodden said he did not arm himself and he never shot anyone.

Brenard, 36, and Renold, 48, were brothers. The defendant, known as TJ, was their cousin. At the time of the incident he was 21.

Trial began last week Monday. The 12-member jury has heard witnesses say that TJ and Brenard, also known as Chicken or Chicken Bone, got into a physical fight. The incident occurred along Fiddlers Way, a dead-end street behind Sea View Road in East End.

Several witnesses said that TJ left the area after the fight and came back with a gun. They said TJ shot Brenard and then, when Renold approached, shot him. Other witnesses have told the court that, before Renold was taken to hospital, he told various people that TJ had shot him and his brother.

Bodden agreed there had been a fight, but said he went home afterwards and went to sleep. He said he did not go back to the scene of the fight.

He explained that on the night of 1 November he went to Pirates Cove Bar, where his uncle was celebrating a birthday. Bodden told the court he had about five beers and a number of shots of Hennessy and Grand Marnier.

Chicken Bone came to the bar and had drinks, but he couldn’t say how many.

He and Chicken Bone left the bar together. He couldn’t remember who else, but he knew they were talking and making noise. He and Chicken Bone were talking about ‘who go on the worst when you get charged up.’

Then it got physical, Bodden said, and Chicken Bone grabbed him in a headlock. He tried to get away and the two of them fell on the ground. Renold came and parted the fight.

Bodden said he got up and said something like ‘I’m gonna get you back’. He said he meant that the next time Chicken Bone asked him for a cigarette or a drink, ‘I could always get him back.’

Mr. Hamilton asked Bodden about the night before – Halloween, also known as trick or treat night. Bodden said he was with one group of guys and there was another group of guys. They threw eggs at each other and used paint ball guns to shoot at each other. The paint ball guns were just like the eggs – to ‘mess you up’.

Bodden said his hair had been long, but he cut it off that night so he could fit in his mask.

Mr. Hamilton asked him about the evidence of Chief Inspector (now Superintendent) Marlon Bodden. Last week Mr. Bodden told the court that he had spoken with TJ at the police station after the shooting incident.

He said TJ told him about the fight and that he did go back afterwards. But after he returned he was suddenly approached by Chicken Bone and his brother and he feared that both of them would harm him.

Bodden told the court that he did not tell the officer anything like that. The defendant said the officer had told him that was what the witnesses said.

Asked if he had suffered any tremendous pain or injury in the fight, Bodden said no.

Solicitor General Cheryll Richards, who is conducting the case for the prosecution, was cross-examining Bodden when court adjourned on Wednesday.

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