Today’s Editorial November 13: More sports for Pirates Week

Many Caymanians agree with the move by the leaders of our annual Pirates Week celebration who decided years ago to make the event much more than a parade and mock invasion.

Developing the Heritage Week events that allow each district to blossom for a day and show everyone what they have to offer was a brilliant move. So too was incorporating local musicians into Pirates Week events. But there is room for more, plenty of room.

Two sports events, the Pirates Week 5K Run and the Pirates Week Sea Swim have proven themselves to be winners and worthy additions to the Pirates Week fun.

Both competitions have successful track records, having proved they can draw in strong fields of participants made up of both residents and visitors. Their strength should serve as motivation for other sports to get in on the Pirates Week action.

Pirates Week can seem a bit overloaded at times with so many events that it doesn’t seem possible there’s room left for any more sports events. But keep in mind that even the most popular Pirates Week still leaves plenty of people at home.

Some of those who are not drawn to the parade, for example, may jump at the chance to compete in or watch a basketball tournament. Perhaps a Pirates Week football tournament would be a hit.

Given there are so many sports on island, we should see more of them experimenting with a Pirates Week event. Associations and clubs would be wise to at least give it a try one year. If it flops, so what? It would have been worth trying because the potential payoff could be huge. Good athletes and coaches know that trying is the hard part. Just try.

Make your sport bigger and better by trying to make our Pirates Week bigger and better. A Pirates Week sports event can be a powerful marketing tool as well as a fundraiser for sports associations and clubs.

Sports events do not even have to be competitions. Associations can team up to hold public seminars or expos.

At the very least, one can easily visualise associations and clubs having a presence at the District Heritage Days. These events can be invaluable to sports associations and clubs who want to increase their memberships and fan base.

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