Get rid of greenies

I would like to add to the article on the green iguana issue following from Fred Burton’s recent article.

In recent months we have received regular visits from a large green iguana that seems to mistake our swimming pool for a toilet facility.

Frankly this is not very amusing and there is no way to keep our very ‘regular’ friend from getting into our fenced garden as he or she can climb very well.

It is very evident that the green iguanas are expanding in numbers in the last few years and I don’t recall having seen an iguana in George Town until shortly after Ivan but now they seem to be everywhere.

I for one, would urge Government to amend the law under which the green iguana is a protected species and thereafter arrange for a cull to take place as the greens are becoming a serious nuisance and health hazard and also seem set to displace the native blue iguanas from their restricted habitat,.

Like most people I share a wish to protect the blues and my family has painted breeding pens, built cages and raised money for the blue iguana breeding programme so we are not iguana-haters.

I don’t really wish the greens any harm either but they belong in Central America where there are fast flowing rivers in which they can perform their essential ablutions without troubling anyone apart from the fish and we all know what they get up to anyway.

John Fletcher

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