Cayman outpaced in Caribbean Sevens

Cayman 0 V Jamaica 22

Cayman 0 V T&T 29

Cayman 0 V Bahamas 24

The Cayman Islands had a tough time of it Saturday in the Caribbean Sevens Championships in Nassua Bahamas, going scoreless in all three of their matches.

Marcus Cumber

Marcus Cumber, number 5, clears for Cayman during one of the Saturday matches.

‘Based on results it looks like a disaster day, but both Jamaica and Trindad games were close till the final few minutes when fatigue and speed took its toll on the team, resulting in late tries to make the score lines seem more one sided than the games were,’ explained Coach James Mays.

‘The final game against Bahamas gave us a chance to play our reserves and give them their first experience of Mens 7s Rugby having only played U19 Caribs previously [The reserves were James Geary and Carl Edward Westin). Having lost the previous two games, our progression into the Cup side of the draw was already gone, allowing us to play reserves and give everyone a start. Speed has been our downfall and broken field defense with one-on-one tackles, these two things what Guyana, Trindad and Jamaica are blessed with. It’s an area of the game you can never coach-speed. You either have it, or you don’t!’

Players singled out for special mention were Richard Tresidder for his defensive efforts and big tackles; Shaun Gerard for his tireless work rate and tenacity; Rob Aspinall for his leadership qualities in keeping the guys focused and Marcus Cumber for his positive attitude.

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