Mail deadlines

The Surface Mail deadline to Canada and the USA is today, 19 November.

These are the latest recommended dates suggested by the Cayman Islands Postal Service.

International mail transit time can vary greatly from one country to the next, and the dates the CIPS has provided are based upon information received but should not be regarded as a guarantee for on-time delivery. To prevent delays, remember to use a current address, attach the correct postage and include a customs form with the value of the package.

The Air Parcel deadline to the United Kingdom and Western Europe is also today and for all other countries it is Monday, 26 November. The deadline for Canada and the USA is Monday, 3 December. Remember, these dates are just the latest recommended times – the earlier you can mail your packages, the more likely it is that they will reach their destinations on time.

To learn more, log on to for more Christmas tips and deadlines or call the General Post Office at 949-2474

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