Losing hope for youths

I am a distressed citizen rapidly losing hope for our young people.

I hasten to say not because of our young people, but for our young people.

Too many adults in these children’s and youth’s lives are knowingly or unwittingly chipping away at the character of our children and teens. It does take a village to raise a child, but our village is not doing its part. This is sad – our children and our young people are victims of an adult population that seems to have a love affair with things that do not contribute to the development of a good character.

How can I have hope when:

• The Liquor Licensing Board, adults, voted in favour of giving a licence to the liquor establishment next door to a family playground, Seven Mile Public Beach. The proprietor’s case was that the business would not prosper financially. Our case was that it was too near to the Public Beach and we want to protect our community, family life, teenagers and children. Imagine putting our arguments and the proprietor’s arguments on a scale and his argument outweighed our pleas. What changed the mind of the board when that very licence was turned down the year before because it was too close to the public beach?

• An adult finds teenagers at the public beach and sell them drugs.

• Adults plan a parade, which is a spectacle of nudity, debauchery, and vulgarity. Why does this type of unacceptable behaviour be included in the parade when if that were dropped it would still be a spectacle, but it would be one of beauty, flamboyance, creativity, and energy, and families could turn out to see it and participate in it. Having a junior parade is an admission that the adult parade is not fit for children.

• Adults plan a time when we celebrate piracy. How shameful! We have just heard horror stories in the news of modern day pirates that are creating terror and death near the horn of Africa. In the Cayman Islands, we celebrate it! I simply can’t celebrate rape! I simply can’t celebrate pillage! I simply can’t celebrate cruelty and theft! I simply can’t celebrate torture and murder! It happened, but it is a shameful part of our past. Let’s tell it with regret not with celebration.

• Adults have designed a basic cable package that provides hard-core pornography and XXX rated movies at prime watching time and days. Parents should be more alert, and many are, but they are still depending on the village and village is letting them down and throwing our youth in the teeth of evil.

• Adults, parents allow cable TV and sometimes dish TV in their children bedrooms allowing them to roam the skies and witness all kinds of perversions, untold violence, evil, and sexual content even at a pre-teen age.

• Perverted adults around the world are finding ways to involve kids and teenagers in pornography, gangs, drugs, and sex.

ADULTS around the world lure our children and teens into hatred, revenge, and violence, and parents buy these violent games for their children.

• Adults design and devise all kinds of evil and are allowed to put it on the Internet in the name of freedom and unfortunately many parents have their heads in the sand and don’t realise some of the issues of the Internet.

• Adults; bartenders serve liquor to teenagers who are under age on a regular basis.

• Adults allow teenagers to be in nightclubs to socialise in an atmosphere that tears down character rather than builds it up.

• The latest plot against our children is made by adults who think that fighting is a sport. The caption in the newspaper for a recent mixed martial arts fight was: ‘Moxam smashes Ward before choking him’. Is this what we should tell our boys ‘Smash them before choking them?’

Why should we wonder when there is trouble with children and teenagers?

I know God will always have a remnant. But what a shame that the village is not helping to shape our teens or children in the way that they should go so that when they are older, they will be able to lead the next generation. The remnant is already so seriously outnumbered, but even a little salt and even a tiny candle can make a difference and this remnant will create and nurture the next remnant.

We don’t have to be on this slippery slope. If these adults were not so concerned about their freedom, not so concerned about their convenience, not so concerned about money, not so concerned about their own passions and obsessions, we could have a bigger remnant, maybe we could even make Cayman a good place to raise children.

I know many people won’t or can’t accept the power of Jesus, but if we lived by his teachings what a different Cayman we would have. We would be out to build up one another; we would encourage one another to be kind, forgiving and good. We would put others first.

He has given us free will and He will not violate that decision, so the choice is ours. I pray that instead of peace, God will bring sleepless nights, horrible nightmares, and deep conviction to these adults who are planting mines all over our children’s territory, and they will turn around and help to nurture and develop boys and girls and young people that will be equipped to pass on virtue rather than evil.

Marjorie Ebanks

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