Today’s Editorial November 20: Pirates Week ’07 was bigger, better

A post-mortem is slated for Pirates Week 2007 and from all indications we think it will turn out pretty good.

Sure there were glitches with this year’s Pirates Week. There always have been and there always will be.

It is inevitable when you hold a festival that is 11 days long and depends on a small staff, a great many volunteers and the public.

We thought this year’s festival went well.

It’s apparent that Pirates Week is actually doing what it was envisioned 30 years ago – it is drawing visitors to our shores during the slow season of tourism.

Whether you like the idea of celebrating pirates or would rather concentrate on heritage, kudos must be given to Dave Martins and his Pirates Week staff and the various district committees.

If you read the Caymanian Compass last week you saw, through our research of pirates to these lands, that pirates did in fact use the Cayman Islands as a place to land, find nourishment, fight and die.

By celebrating Pirates Week each year, we are indeed now cashing in on the treasures those pirates bore.

A new addition to this year’s festivities was the cardboard boat race.

We appreciate everyone who put on their creative thinking hats and came up with such novel sailing vessels.

Too, the atmosphere at the race was one of people having a great time.

We hope that now the event has passed, it will become a Pirates Week tradition.

It was good, too, to again see so many familiar faces when the Seattle Seafarer Pirates joined in on the festivities.

They help to send positive messages to our youngsters and always pitch in to help out a worthy cause in the Cayman Islands.

The floats this year were beautiful, as were the people participating in the parade. And the Trial of the Pirates was an event not to be missed.

To all the volunteers and staff who helped make this year’s Pirates Week a success, we say thank you.

Good luck as you go through the post mortem to find out what was done right and what needs improvement. We think you’ll find more things that went off right than you’ll find problems.

Here’s looking to an even bigger and better Pirates Week 2008.

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