Call for emissions testing

Back when I had my first car as a teenager in the UK, I’d dread the annual inspection as it was so strict.

To get my old clunker through inspection was never easy. Now, this was a long time ago, but even then they checked the exhaust emissions to make sure they were at an acceptable level.

Now, here in Cayman many years later, I’ll gloss over the fact that so many left hand drive cars still have lights that shine to the wrong side of the road (as that is not inspected), but will focus on the lack of emissions testing.

I’ve recently started riding my bicycle to and from work in EE on occasion, and guess I need a smog mask like you’ll see pedestrians wear in Tokyo rush hour. The fumes from some of the Omnibuses, pick up trucks and marl trucks are suffocating.

We live in a country where recycling is and will remain, just a pipe dream until government legislates that people must limit their household garbage. People don’t seem to care about this, so my feeling is that Cayman is already astonishingly NON-Green as a society, but to allow these smoke machines to ‘choke up’ the roads is simply an insult to Mother Earth.

I’m pleading with our government to introduce emissions testings and really consider this and some other simple day-to-day measures that can be taken to do our part to save this planet we live on.

Oh, and one other observation, and this one is for the soccer mum who ran me off the road the other day and just kept on driving (she was blissfully unaware that my bike was even there), stop multi-tasking while driving, you are in control of a lethal weapon when you get behind the wheel.

One cannot talk to screaming kids, hold a cellphone (hands free law anytime soon ?), change a CD and give full attention to the road at the same time.

It boggles my mind that we live in a society where choking vehicle smog, lack of recycling, hands free cell phone use, glaring headlights blinding oncoming drivers and other safety and environment issues are not on the minds of our people. Clearly they can’t be, as otherwise politicians would focus on them as election issues.

Come on people, let’s all show some responsibility, both to our fellow man and to our planet.

In closing, sorry for the rant, but I’m brought to write this as I don’t see why cycling in the quiet Eastern districts that should be so idyllic is in fact often unpleasant with choking smog, and occasionally life-threatening due to unfocussed and careless drivers.

Tom McCallum