Take time to stop

American Thanksgiving is upon us once more and every year I like to write to the Compass and remind people about how lucky we are and how much we have to be thankful for.

This seems especially important now more than ever with all the tragic deaths happening not only worldwide, but on our own roads as well.

So here is my message for this year, I hope some of you will read and enjoy it and may it give all of you something to think about.

A few weeks ago I was driving home at night past the Ritz golf course when I heard a loud sound coming from above me, it was a firework, so I pulled over safely to the side of the road, rolled down my window and was treated to the most amazing, brilliant, unexpected display of lights and colours that I had seen in a very long time.

It was fantastic and when the show was over I rolled up my window, turned back up the radio and continued on my merry way home.

But for those 15 minutes or so while I was sitting silently in my car, the world seemed to stop and it was only me looking up at the sky and the kaleidoscope of colours that bloomed above me and I realised something, I could have just heard the first boom and never looked up, simply kept on driving and I would have missed it.

But I stopped, and that’s my message to you this Thanksgiving.


Take the time to pull over and enjoy the fireworks.

Take the time to kiss your children and tell your partner and the people you care about how much they really mean to you.

Stop and enjoy life. Cherish it, because life is a gift that can be taken away so quickly it hurts, with no warning or reason and it’s tragic and heartbreaking and it’s never fair.

But if we take the time to pull over and stop, listen to our kids, appreciate those around us who make us who and what we are, then at least we know we tried.

At least we stopped and called a relative, gave a hug, took a little time to enjoy the fireworks for ourselves; then life is so much better.

Who knows what will happen in the future, it’s exciting and scary at the same time, but today is right now. Live your life the best way you know how and this American Thanksgiving, take the time to stop!

Happy holidays.

Cathy Richardson

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