Plan ahead for lunchtime

It’s 2:09pm. You’ve just realized you’ve not had lunch. The beginning signs of a headache may be creeping in or there’s a deep growling in your belly. You need food and you need it fast. It’s easy, at this point, to drop the ball in your efforts to eat healthy.

Some do it by skipping lunch entirely and running on adrenaline, coffee and a late afternoon chocolate bar. Others drop by ball by dashing out to the handiest fast-food outlet where choices in high-fat and sodium are fueled by overwhelming hunger and a drop in blood sugar. Many people in Cayman have expressed the daily stresses and rigors of getting lunch to this lifestyle consultant.

It’s relatively easy to maintain daily balance and healthy eating with a little pre-meditated planning, and there are many of benefits of so doing.

You avoid the last-minute crisis of finding food when hungry and making wrong choices.

You prevent the physiological stress the body endures when going without food for too long, a dangerous behaviour especially for diabetics and those suffering from low-blood sugar.

Money is saved by thinking ahead and planning ahead.

There is a sense of positive personal satisfaction and self-awareness when we take actions invested in our own health and well-being.

Here are some simple tips for packing lunch aid in terms of time efficiency.

Make lunch the night before so that it’s ready to go out the door with you first thing in the morning. Parents/helpers making lunches for children need only to tuck foods in an insulated carrier for adults at the same time.

Prepare evening meals with an eye to leftovers that can be carried to work.

Create a menu of take-to-work lunches that are interesting, varied and easy, (email: [email protected] for take-to-work-lunch ideas).

If buying lunch is more your style, make a note to order in or go out to pick up lunch before it gets too late.

Packing lunch is cool, according to many of Cayman’s school children. Maybe we can learn from them.

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