Police van clamped

Whether he is a fearless defender of orderly parking or simply crazy remains to be seen, but a security officer in George Town is cracking down on illegal parking in Elizabethan Square, no matter who is behind it.

On Monday, a Caymanian Compass reporter spotted this marked police van, with its wheel clamped for illegal parking at Elizabethan Square.

Apparently, improvement works being carried out at the adjacent Central Police Station in George Town are contributing to parking woes for police officers.

As a consequence, extra police departments are temporarily working out of the RCIPS permanent office in Elizabethan Square said RCIPS spokesperson Deborah Denis.

She said the clamping shows that the RCIPS is not exempt from the rules that the rest of the community must abide by.

So should the security guard in question keep an eye over his shoulder in the coming weeks?

‘Of course not!’ laughed Ms Dennis. ‘The poor man is just doing his job.’

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