Slow down

I was shocked and devastated to hear about Monday’s fatal car accident.

Where could this man have been going in such a hurry?

We’ll probably never know what was going through his head.

Whatever the reasons for his careless actions the results remain the same – an inspiring woman, one of my dearest friends, is lost forever, and the world will be a changed place without her.

She was one of those remarkable people who can light up a room just by walking into it and the sort of person who can make you feel really good just to be near her.

She was the parent we all aspire to be – patient, nurturing, full of laughter and love. She was the friend we all cherish – compassionate, energetic, and deeply committed to those she loves. She was a beloved and devoted wife, sister and daughter and those of us who were blessed to know her and love her will feel the loss of her forever.

Wherever this man was hurrying off to, I daresay he got there later than he would have if he had exercised a little more patience on the road.

Courtney Hannon

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