CA: check in on time

Cayman Airways is reminding customers that it is important that they check in on time for all scheduled flights.

With the holidays fast approaching and the number of travellers increasing, Vice President of Operations Captain Kris Bergstrom says, ‘Customers should remember that the check-in counters are opened three hours prior to departure so they should aim to be checked in at least two hours before departure time.’

Captain Bergstrom also stressed in a press release that customers should be at their gate area 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

All international flights must close one hour before the scheduled departure time so that the manifest which includes the list of passengers can be sent to the destination, said the release. If the manifest is not sent on time Cayman Airways face substantial fines and the possibility of being denied approval for entry to that airport.

Captain Bergstrom noted that, ‘the employees at Cayman Airways are working hard to ensure that all of our flights depart on schedule. It is therefore important that our passengers check in and board their flights on time to avoid delays and inconvenience to all the other passengers.’

In an effort to assist its customers with the check-in process, Cayman Airways would also like to remind customers that early check-in is available at the Owen Roberts International airport from 7pm-9 pm daily and at the cargo offices at the company’s headquarters from 5pm-7pm Mondays to Fridays.

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