Construction workers complete safety training

Recently, 25 construction workers from 13 companies attended a 10-hour safety course, hosted by the Department of Employment Relations. In addition, senior construction staff attended a 30-hour course which qualifies them as safety officers for their companies.

The courses represent a joint commitment by the DER and the Cayman Contractors Association.. In 2007, the DER and the CCA worked together to create safety regulations to be a part of the labour law.

‘The regulations are intended to focus all workers on areas of potential danger and to assure that all workers, supervisors and managers appreciate the need for safety and treat it as a priority,’ stated a press release.

‘Since the introduction of the safety policy one year ago, Cayman has seen a significant improvement in safety on construction sites,’ said DER Safety Inspector Rohan Marshall.

‘The partnership between the DER and the CCA has resulted in a greater commitment overall. I am pleased to say that, in my inspections, I have found a welcome approach to the inspection process and actions for correction (remedial notices) when necessary. The courses conducted by the department assure that all construction personnel understand and work toward uniform standards.’

CCA President and Senior Partner of Phoenix Construction Steve Hawley stated, ‘Mr. Marshall has done the majority of the teaching in the classes himself and this has greatly enhanced his effectiveness in the field when doing inspections. All the men respect him and are eager to hear his comments for their improvement.’

The classes are to be held periodically in the future to ensure that all workers, including new workers, will have the opportunity to recognize and, where necessary, rise to the standards set out in the safety regulations.

Mr. Marshall stated, ‘I am extremely heartened that there has been unanimous support by the CCA in this effort. Members have dedicated themselves to its success.’

Mr. Hawley commented, ‘As a contractor, I’m very pleased that the DER has been able to accommodate 25 of our staff in these classes and we look forward to sending more staff to the next classes when they become available. The cost to us as contractors is far outweighed by the knowledge that all of us will be more vigilant of jobsite safety in future.’

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