Miss Lassie’s house for sale


The House of Gladwyn ‘Lassie’ Bush on South Sound road is up for sale, the price tag is $1.6 million.

Miss Lassie passed away in 2003 at the age of 89, however at the age of 62 she had what she described as a visionary experience and began painting.

Much of her art work was inspired by dreams and visions and she would paint them on canvas, kitchen jugs, her furniture and even the walls and windows of her home.

The House of Gladwyn Bush

The House of Gladwyn “Lassie” Bush

The house, which is a traditional Cayman structure and stands on ironwood posts, is on prime beachfront property. There are concerns the South Sound landmark could now be purchased and possibly bulldozed to make way for a new upscale development.

The listing agent, Mr. Steve Cummings with Vision Real Estate says, ‘The company is also keen to seen that the building is preserved and has approached the Leader of Government Business Mr. Kurt Tibbetts to see if Government can step in and buy the property.’

The National Cultural Foundation has approximately 100 of Miss Lassie’s artworks in its collection and produced a book of her work called My Markings.

Henry Muttoo the Foundations artistic director explained that ‘a committee has now formed, which includes major cultural stakeholders such as the National Gallery, the Museum and the National Trust. They are actively working together to try to save the house.’