Aggressive dog law needed

It was very sad to read the letter from Shelly Ware about her problems with our Department of Agriculture and her puppy’s health issues.

Most people are not aware of the Prohibited Dog Registration Guidelines placed into force in 2003 by our Government. I am sure this information can be provided by the Department of Agriculture by simply placing a phone call. All dog owners should read this important information.

I believe this law has done nothing but caused more grief to responsible pet owners, like Shelly, and has increased the numbers of dogs on the list of prohibited breeds in the Cayman Islands.

By making the breeds prohibited they have created more interest in those who want to own such a novelty dog. Point being, just look around to see how many of these breeds are here and are being bred and sold openly in public places. I have seen for sale signs for Pit Bull puppies in a local pet store.

Many of these dogs are not owned by responsible owners, and many are being bred merely for profit, with no regard to the proper care or training of these breeds. Some are running loose and breeding with local dogs, hence mixed puppies.

Since this law was established in 2003 it appears that someone is not doing their job if we have puppies being born with a prohibited breed mixed in.

Maybe more time in the field and less in the office would help. Does anyone know the number of prohibited dogs that are registered and if all of the government’s guidelines are being followed?

Has anyone ever been arrested, charged or had their dog removed? We need to address the problems we have here now. We are overrun with dogs without homes, so spaying and neutering should be applied to any breed.

We need an aggressive dog law not a prohibited breed law.

Most bad dogs, of any breed, come from having a bad owner. More dog bites come from smaller breeds but since their bite is smaller in size it is the big breed bite that gets reported.

I have owned, trained, and know many pet owners in the USA whose dogs are on the Cayman Islands Prohibited List and can honestly say that I have never had a problem with any of these breeds.

Shelly sounds like a loving and responsible pet owner and we could use a lot more like her here. I wish her the best of luck and I hope her pet makes a speedy recovery.

Trisha Houlihan

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