Poor treatment of passengers

I read some weeks ago that our national airline as a matter of policy is transporting passengers from Miami without their checked in baggage.

Recently my wife and I experienced this problem first hand when we arrived at Owen Roberts at 6pm only to find that three of our four checked bags were still in Miami.

In company with two dozen other passengers we waited in vain for 25 minutes, at the baggage carousel and then spent another 40 minutes in line waiting to file our lost luggage report, as there was only one official dealing with this.

We were told by Customs officials that this situation has occurred every day for the last week.

If this was a one off situation I would treat it philosophically, but what we have here is a national disgrace. The high airfares charged by our national airline include the transport of two pieces of baggage to accompany the passenger.

If I check in an extra bag I am charged a minimum excess fee of $50, so if the airline deliberately leaves my bags behind having been paid to put them on my flight, are they going to refund me $50 per bag?

To compound our frustration, we had to fly on the converted cargo plane, which has overhead bins the size of a desk drawer.

When we flew on this aircraft two weeks ago from Kingston, all legal size carry on suitcases/bags were taken from us immediately prior to boarding and put in the baggage hold, as we were advised they could not fit into the overhead bins.

Today however, everybody was allowed to carry these on board, (not knowing we were flying on this aircraft), and most of them had to be illegally stowed half under the seats. The reason these were not checked into the hold as on the Kingston flight was of course because the airline employees knew quite well that there was no room for them in the hold.

I would like to invite the managing director of the airline to visit the airport at 6pm any night, to meet the passengers off the Miami flight and to experience for himself the frustration and long delays his policies are causing not only to his passengers but to their friends/family waiting outside to meet them off the flight.

We now have to traipse out to the airport again and wait until all flights have cleared before we can enter customs and hopefully retrieve our bags, assuming they turn up.

I have been a supporter of this airline since its inception, but no more. No other airline in the world treats its passengers in this fashion.

Roger M. Davies

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