NS residents should fight

The proposed confiscation of private lands as bird sanctuary is a continuation of a process started in 1968 when the government illegally seized private property in Colliers and Mauge Bay pond areas.

Furthermore up to today the government has not compensated the families for these properties. The same 300 feet barrier is what they claimed and made redundant to the owners. We have been denied the use of our property, left by our forefathers, supposedly free from molestation yet we still are denied access to our property.

The idea is to make it redundant to us, thus forcing us to give up our rights, so I welcome the North Side residents to this fight we have been raging since 1977 for Colliers lands that were confiscated by the crown. Incidentally the bird sanctuary law the crown set precedent by clearing the land for the Queens Highway, because the 300 feet barrier on the road was not adhered to by government. They broke the law themselves rendering themselves exempt from the law they created.

It seems Caymanians don’t have the rights they believe they have. The government is all powerful and cannot be held accountable for its actions no matter who loses.

I pray that the North Side residents can stop them, or at least get a hearing to air grievances with some attempt to compensate the owners for their property.

Derrick Powell

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