Hotter N’ Hell wins award

The Hotter N’ Hell hot sauce produced by the Cayman Islands Sauce Company Ltd. has won third place in the Professional Division, Authentic Caribbean category at the internationally-recognised 2008 Scovie awards.

Cayman Islands Sauce Company Ltd.

Cayman Islands Sauce Company Ltd. owners Mark Thompson, left, and Bruce Macmillan hold their hot sauce gift crates in front of one of their displays. Their sauce Hotter N Hell won a Scovie Award in the annual competition held by Fiery Foods and Barbeque magazine. Photo: Alan Markoff

The company, which just started producing hot sauce commercially in January, is owned by Mark Thompson and Bruce Macmillan. The basic recipe for Hotter N’ Hell came from Bruce’s grandfather Esterley Tibbetts, but it has been modified slightly over the years.

Mr. Thompson said he was aware of the Scovie Awards – which are given out by the company that produces the Fiery Foods & Barbeque magazine and website – for a long time.

‘I knew about the Scovie Awards since I started doing research before we started the business,’ he said. ‘We weren’t going to enter since we only started up this year, but I said ‘why not’.

Mr. Thompson sent four bottles of each hot sauce – the Cayman Islands Sauce Company also produces a milder sauce called Citrus Heat – to Fiery Foods in August. A few weeks ago he received a telephone call informing him that one of sauces won an award.

‘I figured it was the Citrus Heat because a lot of people like that better, but she said ‘no, it’s Hotter N’ Hell’.’

There were 783 entries in the 2008 Scovie Awards competition, with a total of 166 hot sauces in nine different categories. Miss Anna’s Hot Pepper Sauce form St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands won the Authentic Caribbean category ahead of Hotter N’ Hell.

Many of the category award winners will attend the Annual National Fiery Foods and Barbeque Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 29 February through 2 March.

‘We’re going to the show, but we’re not going to get a booth this year. We want to check it out first,’ said Mr. Thompson.

Here in Cayman, the Cayman Islands Sauce Company’s products have done very well. A number of retailers, including Kirk Supermarket, Big Daddy’s, Cayman Traditions, and Diver’s Supply, carry the company’s hot sauces. Several restaurants also put the sauces on tables for patrons, Mr. Thompson said.

Many Cayman residents have told Mr. Thompson and Mr. Macmillan how much they like their hot sauces. The Scovie Award proves the hot sauce rates well even with discerning judges.

‘Now we can say we have an award-winning sauce,’ said Mr. Thompson.

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