Jamaica consul welcomes baby report

Honorary Jamaican Consul Robert Hamaty has welcomed the findings of a clinical audit into the Shellesha Woodstock case, saying its findings were in line with those of a Jamaican Consulate investigation into the incident.

Mr. Hamaty said the fact that two Jamaican doctors had been commissioned to do the clinical audit gave the investigation added credibility.

‘As far as the Cayman Islands relationship with Jamaica and the views of Jamaicans are concerned, I think this report will put everyone at ease; that it was thoroughly investigated,’ he told the Caymanian Compass.

In a press release Wednesday evening, the Health Services Authority’s new Medical Director Dr. Greg Hoeksema commended Health Minister Anthony Eden for commissioning the review, adding the HSA appreciated the author’s thorough, thoughtful and frank recommendations.

‘Throughout her stay at the Cayman Islands Hospital, our entire care team worked diligently and compassionately in the best interest of both mother and unborn child. Despite well-intentioned caring by our staff, we agree we could have done better,’ Mr. Hoeksema said.

At Tuesday’s press conference Mr. Eden also spoke of the importance of Cayman’s relationship with Jamaica and said he would be passing on the clinical audit’s findings to his counterpart in Jamaica, Health Minister Rudyard Spencer.

‘We should never forget where we came from; what the Jamaicans have provided; the associations we have with them,’ Mr. Eden said.

‘Any organisation in the world will periodically have something like this occur and I am saddened that it happened but we have learnt a lesson … We will be dealing with this; we have some very positive plans coming up for reforming healthcare in the Cayman Islands.’

Mr. Eden said the Cayman Islands will always depend on its relationship with Jamaica, but lamented that many Caymanians do not appreciate the quality of medical services available in Jamaica at facilities such as the University of the West Indies Hospital.

‘That’s a link we have there and [it could deliver] tremendous savings if some of our people would change their cultural thought of what can be done in Jamaica,’ he said.

‘These things happen and you are then stupid if you don’t do something about it. We don’t plan to be stupid about it and with God’s help and the professionals we have at the HSA and the hospital, we are going to make a difference in this; we have learnt our lesson … There was a slip up and we are going to deal with it.’

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