Top Ja banker threatened

ST. ANDREW, Jamaica – Patrick Hylton, the group managing director of the National Commercial Bank and president of the Jamaica Bankers’ Association, has received death threats and is reportedly being stalked near his upper St. Andrew home by men wearing masks and dark glasses.

A well-placed source told The Gleaner that, on several occasions, unknown persons have parked darkly tinted vehicles near Mr. Hylton’s upscale property.

In the past week, men have made several visits, day and night, to the banker’s home, approaching his residence, then peering over the wall and looking intently at his house.

An informed source quoted Mr. Hylton as saying he was not unfamiliar with acts of intimidation, adding that he bore no ill will for anyone and regarded any threats on his life as cowardly.

Superintendent of Police for the St. Andrew North Division, Anthony Morris, confirmed reports that there have been threats on the life of the NCB boss.

He said a high level investigation is now underway and detectives are following leads that will help them make a breakthrough in their probe.

Superintendent Morris said investigators are not taking the death threats lightly and have put in place special measures to ensure the safety of Mr. Hylton.

The licence plate of one of the vehicles, which stopped near Mr. Hylton’s residence with men who appeared to be searching for someone, did not belong to the car, and the police have since discovered that the vehicle was stolen.

Superintendent Morris told The Gleaner that Special Branch was assisting in the investigations.

He said investigators were treating the matter seriously, particularly in the light of recent developments between commercial banks an investment schemes.

On November 27, the JBA dismissed claims that the association had conspired to cripple the operations o investment schemes by advising its members to close their accounts.

“The JBA does not decide how member institutions should address operational issues, such as the relationship between a member and its customers, whose accounts should be maintained and which accounts should be closed,” the association of bankers stated in a media release last week.

“The suggestion that there is a conspiracy among banks which are members of the JBA is entirely without foundation,” the statement said.

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