EE opens neighbourhood park

Neighbours gathered near the corner of Welcome Way and Fiddlers Way in East End on 1 December to celebrate the opening of a new park and play area.

Cutting the ceremonial ribbon

Cutting the ceremonial ribbon are, from left, East End Community Development Officer Delmira Bodden, Mrs. Eulene McLaughlin, Ms Heather Bodden, Mr. Arden McLean.
Photo: Carol Winker

Narrow, but several house lots long, the site until recently had been an overgrown eyesore.

Community Development Officer Delmira Bodden may have spearheaded the drive to transform the area, but she was quick to praise the young men of the neighbourhood for their work in clearing the grounds.

She also thanked ms Heather Bodden, chairman of the National Beautification Committee, and district MLA Arden McLean for assistance.

The district officer noted how attractive the main road is. ‘When you divert onto the side roads you should not see any difference,’ she said. She encouraged parents to come to the park with their children.

Miss Heather urged area residents to take pride in the park – take ownership.

Mrs. Eulene McLaughlin, who lives across the road, promised to do what she could to help. ‘I’m so glad to see all the bush cleared,’ she said.

Mr. McLean told the gathering he had tried for years to purchase the property from its owners, but one was not willing to sell. However, they all agreed to give permission for its use.

Later, Miss Heather said the national committee had paid for the gravel, picnic tables and park benches. Miss Delmira and residents were responsible for clearing and cleaning the grounds. They also obtained 11 palm trees, which are now planted along the roadside perimeter.

Several businesses and district well-wishers donated refreshments for the afternoon, along with gifts distributed during a surprise visit from Santa Claus.

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