2008 cruise season busy

There is a busy start set for Cayman’s cruise industry in 2008, with January, February and March scheduled to have seven, six and five ships in port all at once some days.

So far, through October, statistics show that 2007 has been a slower year than 2006 for cruise tourism in the Cayman Islands, with passenger numbers down 9.2 per cent on 2006.

But, according to the Port Authority’s cruise schedule list, 2008 looks to start off very busy for high cruise season.

January is set to be the busiest month of the first quarter.

If ships are at full capacity there could potentially as many as 236,372 passengers in port next month, with a total of 92 calls from 40 vessels scheduled.

The two busiest days in January are Wednesday 2 and Tuesday 29 when there are seven ships in port on each.

On Tuesday 1 and on Wednesday 30 there are six ships in port, and on five days there are five ships in port together in January: 8, 15, 16, 22 and 24.

The next busiest month is set to be March with a potential for 201,587 passengers if ships are full, with a total of 81 calls from 37 vessels.

The busiest day in March is set to be Wednesday 12, when there are seven ships scheduled for that day.

Other busy days include Tuesday 11 and Tuesday 25 when there are six ships in each day and three dates when there are five ships in port are Tuesday 4, Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 26.

February also sees lots of cruise ship action scheduled with the potential for 195,571 passengers to our shores with a total of 77 calls from 37 ships scheduled.

Busiest days are those with six ships. They are Thursday 7, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27.

There are five ships in port on Thursday 14 and Tuesday 19.

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