Hospital memorializes colleague

The Pastor of Quindel Ames evoked accounting terms to make sense of her death during a gathering at the Cayman Islands Hospital Monday.

Tribute to Quindel Ames

An HSA employee signs a tribute to Quindel Ames at a ceremony at the Cayman Islands Hospital Monday. Ms Ames was killed in a hit-and-run accident Saturday night as she left an HSA staff party at Boatswains Beach.
Photo: James Dimond

Ms Ames, who was the accounts payable manager with the HSA, was run down when she left an HSA staff party at Boatswain’s Beach Saturday night.

‘On one side of the account there is a debit and on the other side there is a credit,’ said Pastor Shian O’Connor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

‘[Ms Ames’] family on earth has lost a friend – that’s the debit – but in the books of heaven, there is a credit,’ he said.

‘We know Quindel to have been a consistent Christian all her life and whenever a child of God passes on, in the books of heaven, that’s a credit.’

Over 100 HSA employees gathered at the service in a moving tribute to Ms Ames, who was 55. They recorded tributes to their colleague on a mounted photo of Ms Ames that was passed around the gathering.

One of the hospital’s nurses led staff in a rendition of Friends, a song by contemporary Christian songwriter Michael W. Smith.

She said Ms Ames had a strong love of music and would have been happy to see everyone together singing, because Ms Ames had often tried to form a staff choir.

HSA acting CEO Lizzette Yearwood said there would be many tears shed in the coming days because of the void Ms Ames’ death had created.

‘But we are rejoicing for her too because we know where she has gone and we know that her soul was right.’

Ms Yearwood relayed a story told to her by a close friend of Ms Ames, who attended a church service with her Saturday morning. The friend had said Ms Ames re-consecrated her life to God on Saturday morning.

Like many at the ceremony, Ms Yearwood explained how much Ms Ames had enjoyed Saturday’s HSA staff-party. ‘She was happy. That is what we have to remember going forward; Ms Quindel had a splendid evening.’

Jackie Neil, a close friend of Ms Ames agreed. ‘She was happy … I remember at one time during a skit she was just laughing and people that were sitting at the table with her said how much of a good time she had had.

‘I have comforted myself in that Ms Quindel had a good time and I’m happy that I made her laugh. I’m happy that Ms Quindel’s last hours were spent laughing with her HSA family.’

Another friend, Dianna McPherson, told those at the service that in two-and-a-half years, she had never seen her colleague get angry. ‘She always had a peace and calmness about her … She always had something good to say about things.

‘This afternoon, she doesn’t want us to be sad, she just wants us to get ourselves together so that if anything were to happen to us, we too could join her with [God].’

Police were yet to locate the car that struck Ms Ames or its driver as of press time Tuesday. They are appealing directly to the driver of the car to come forward.

‘We need to speak with him or her so we can establish exactly what happened,’ said Senior Investigating Officer Chief Inspector Courtney Myles.

The RCIPS are urging anyone that has any information about the accident to speak up.

‘We know the car would have sustained some front end damage and we know that there are people in the community who are aware of the driver’s identity,’ said Mr. Myles.

‘A woman lost her life on Saturday and these people cannot remain silent.’

The RCIPS have set up a major incident room at the Traffic Department to help focus efforts in investigating the hit-and-run. Anyone with information about the accident should call 946-6372, 946-6254 or contact Mr. Myles directly on 926-0649.

‘We understand that it could be hard for some people to come forward and we will treat all information in confidence,’ added Mr. Myles.

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