Referees, linesmen must improve

Please allow me the space in your newspaper to comment on the referees and linesmen who officiate the games in the Senior Men’s Football League.

Bad officiating has been going on for too long now and has to stop as this is killing the spirit of the game and the players.

Two weekends ago, the referees officiating the games between the East End United Football Club and George Town SC and the game between Elite FC and Latinos FC were poor.

The calls made by the officials were calls only an inexperienced referee would make.

I agree, they are only human and will make mistakes, but I don’t expect to see those kinds of mistakes made by our officials in our senior league and especially not in knock-out matches.

For example, East End should have been awarded two penalties, as the actions by the defenders on George Town were quite obvious to anyone watching the game. However, neither official made the call.

In the Elite vs. Latinos game, Latinos scored a goal, which was also obvious to everyone watching, yet the officials claimed it was not a goal. This has happened now two years in a row for Latinos FC.

Last year, final four, Annex Field, Latinos vs. East End, Latinos scored a goal and this was not awarded to them.

When officiating these games, the referees need to have more guts, just as former referees John Oliver, Brenard McLaughlin and Kenrick Hall had.

The linesmen today are responding to the calls of spectators and are even seen chatting with them while games are in play.

This is not acceptable, as they should not be influenced by anyone, and should be focused only on the game.

We as managers and players in the league need to go on strike until the referees clean up their act.

There are soccer camps going on all of the time; there also needs to be a camp for our referees if we are to improve the level of football in Cayman.

Brian Watler

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