Augustine’s teams rule the night

It was an excellent night for coach Daniel Augustine, whose teams walked away with both trophies in the recent Appleby’s Girls’ and Boys’ Under-19 All Star games.

Deandre Simpson

MVP Deandre Simpson, with ball, snakes through Purples defense Jake Whittaker and Davion Cotterell.
Photo: Rohan Marshall

Team Purple defeated Team White, 40-27, for the women in the first challenge of the night at the Digicel courts.

This game was punctuated by missed opportunities rather than nailing the basket. In fact, it took nearly two minutes before the scoreboard lit up, and it was White’s Catherine Ebanks who did the honours. Team Purple evened the score through free throws a couple of seconds later. Team White answered back, and again it was Ebanks who took White ahead. At first it appeared as if the game was going to resemble a tight horse race. But it wasn’t long before a crowded arena noticed Purple’s determination, led mainly by Crystle Barrett who was a pivotal force in her team’s success. She netted eight points, seven rebounds and four assists. Eldisha Walton, though, was top in points with 12, plus seven rebounds and three steals. Walton took MVP honours.

For the White Team, Alexandra Terry took top honours with eight points, five steals and one block. Benecia Mullings had four points, six steals and two blocks.

In the Boy’s U-19 All Star game it was Team White that nabbed the All Star championship with 79 points over Purple’s 66.

The game began at a dazzling pace with each team trying to assert its dominance. But it was obvious that White had star power, with Deandre Simpson being the linchpin.

Simpson intimidated his opponent’s defence with his amazing footwork and power in the key. Team White employed a half-court press that dominated Team Purple. Purple fought back in the fourth quarter to score eight points, but it was too late, as White had outscored the boys in purple for the last three quarters.

Simpson scored 32 points, captured 24 rebounds and was responsible for five blocks, which earned him the MVP title. Teammate Nigel Ebanks assisted with 16 points.

Josh Cotterell racked up 17 points for Team Purple, and Steven Shaw had 11.

‘Clear instruction and keeping the game at a level that players could control gave my two teams success,’ said Daniel Augustine.

‘Both teams employed good discipline and showed a strong work ethic. This, coupled with a good understanding of the game, led us to victory. I would like to congratulate the teams for coming together,’ he added.

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