Windy weather ahead

Cayman’s Christmas breezes of lore are coming, albeit a little late.

Chief Meteorologist John Tibbetts said the seas would start getting rough along the west coast of Grand Cayman late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.

‘We have a fairly strong cold front moving in,’ he said. ‘It will bring the whole package to a certain extent.’

That weather package will include windy conditions, rough seas, a drop in temperature and rain. There might even be some thunder.

‘If a front is moving in this fast, usually with the initial wave you’ll get some thunder,’ he said.

The Cayman Islands National Meteorological Service’s forecast is calling for winds between 23 and 29 miles per hour on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Tibbetts said the people along the west coast should see some rough seas as the front arrives.

‘The key is Wednesday [for the west coast]; that’s when the front will have a more northerly component to it,’ he said

After the front arrives, it is expected to stall over the area and bring cloudiness and showers Thursday and Friday, Mr. Tibbetts said. By Thursday morning, however, the wind is expected to shift to the northeast.

The cloudiness associated with the front is not expected to cover Grand Cayman until Wednesday evening, Mr. Tibbetts said. Once the cloudiness sets in, coupled with the windy conditions, the temperatures will fall.

‘I would suspect daytime highs in the upper 70s and overnight lows probably in the upper 60s,’ Mr. Tibbetts said.

The front is forecast to bring five to seven foot seas starting on Wednesday and lasting through Friday. A small craft warning will be in effect all three days.