Admitting cruisers bad idea

In response to cruisers getting a rough ride, this was poor planning by the Port Authority and the use of the port facilities here in George Town.

I work in town and when I arrived for work that morning at 9am, we called off opening up our shop as we knew that the Royal Watler Terminal would not be open in the next two hours by looking at the weather and also listening on the radio about the front moving in around midday.

We then went off for breakfast and when we came back around 11 and our decision was the right one as by then the Royal Watler Terminal had been shut down and the tourists were all confused and it was a mad panic in town due to the tenders being moved and then the mad crowds waiting to get back onboard.

This should never have happened as those ships should never have been in town! Port Authority who must be in charge of cruise ship mooring tried to make a sea wall by using one of the carnival ships and moved it in much closer to land and it looked like her midship was over the wreck of the Balboa.

Now when 11am came around the wind shifted more to the north and that carnival ship had to have its stern thrusters on full power to keep her in place and these thrusters make a big wake and must of wrecked a lot more of the wreck of the Balboa and coral down below (even though most of it is dead already!)

This was a stupid move by the Port Authority and they could tell that this storm was moving in faster and going to affect the ships on Wednesday and they should have made the call to move the ships to Spotts and have to make some ships not call in due to the limitations of Spotts dock.

From my point of view, this was a stupid call and I would really like to hear the people who made this call tell me why they did this and what they were thinking when making the call to keep the ships in town.

Alastair Bird