Berthing is costly issue

While it is indeed desirable to have a proper berthing facility for Cruise Ships, and it does seem that construction is taking a rather long time to begin, one must understand that a project of this nature is not one that can, or should be, hastily pursued.

There are a great many ways to throw huge amounts of money into the ocean with such a project, quite literally! What would the public say if that happened?

The proper location, design, and angle of the pier to the ocean’s currents and tides, both in normal weather, as well as during to North-Wester season, are just the tip of the iceberg.

One must remember that Grand Cayman does not possess any natural harbours that can be accessed by cruise ships, so such a structure will have to be built to withstand direct onslaughts from the ocean and there are very few experts that can even undertake the necessary study and analysis required in our unique situation, let alone build it.

So for once I agree with the delay, in the interest of the public purse, let’s get this one right the first time.

Richard Scully