Officers must show respect

It is unfortunate that it has come to this; however I am appalled at the consistent bad attitude that accompanies the badge!

Indeed I agree there must be a certain level of assertiveness where necessary but how can you demand respect when you give none?

May I remind you that because you enforce the law, you are not above it and nor are you above simple human axiom of courtesy.

The other night where there was a hit and run the road was blocked and we were trying to figure out an appropriate way around.

It was then that a very abrasive officer approached us. We had not trespassed onto the scene; we were simply contemplating our mobility options as the route that was blocked was of precise importance.

The way in which he spoke to us was in the way an aggravated individual would chide a small child. His response was saturated with disrespect and utter intolerance for us as citizens and individuals.

I recall once being stopped while going 42 in a 30.

Write the ticket and I will be on my way. I was in no way driving at some ludicrous speed. It was a simple mistake as the area had no speed limit signs and that is my customary pace in that particular area.

I did not even argue this with the officer I was content to accept the ticket.

He looked at my licence and then continued to say ‘Miss I would not like to knock on the front door of your parents’ home and tell them that their daughter has been scraped up off the road.’ Insensitive!

I alone have not been the only individual subjected to such treatment from officers.

I would like to remind them to keep their manners in check and good judgement of situations where an elevated level of assertiveness would be reasonable. You are here to enforce the law and the main purpose of the law is to protect us; not to ridicule us with your position of authority.

Josephine Shibli