Savannah PO boxes available

The new Savannah Post Office is expected to open in February and potential customers are being urged to apply for box space now.

‘Go to any post office to request an application, fill it out and drop it off at either the General or Savannah Post Office,’ said Ann James, deputy postmaster general finance. ‘The other avenue customers have is to go online to, download and print the ‘rent post office box’ form, fill it out and fax it to 945-1246 or drop it off at either the General or Savannah Post Office. There will be no charge for the box until customers take possession of it.’

Ms James said, ‘The CIPS is also willing to work with members of the public who want to transfer their same box number to Savannah. Say, for instance, if Jane Doe has P.O. Box 1340 in George Town and would like to keep that number in Savannah, we will try to accommodate her. However, there is no guarantee, because customers who already have boxes numbered 38 through 442 at Savannah will retain the number they have.’

The new Savannah Post Office will be approximately 4,000 square feet and will is between Savannah Primary School and Countryside Shopping Village.

An additional 2,300 boxes will be installed, bringing the boxes available to over 2,700.

Among new services will be an Internet-access station as well as a self-service amenity that will allow customers to package their own parcels before mailing them.