Statements misleading

The 8 January article on banning smoking in the Cayman Islands contains a number of misleading and misinformed statements that are purposely promoted by the anti-smoking zealots to advance their cause.

Smoking bans have not had any certifiable affect on a populations’ health.

The Scottish example is not a scientific study and does not consider any other factor in the drop of heart attack numbers.

In fact, worldwide (and specifically in America) smoking is up.

More cigars were sold this year than the previous year and despite some draconian bans, the public is smoking more cigars and enjoying it more.

Also, the representatives quoted in the story do not differentiate between cigars and cigarettes.

The health risks of cigars are dramatically less than for cigarettes.

Although it does not support the anti-smokers, it would do them well to read the World Health Organizations report on environmental smoke, the one where they found no scientific evidence to support a link between second hand smoke and health.

Robert McDuffee