Tobacco Law on track

The Ministry of Health and Human Services is pleased to note the continued interest by the media and special interest groups in the passing of Tobacco Legislation in the Cayman Islands.

The health of the public has and continues to be of paramount importance to the Anthony S. Eden, Minister of Health and Human Services.

The committee established by the Ministry to work with the medical officer of Health completed a review of the comments provide by the public during the consultation period. This information was submitted to the Legislative Drafting Department and a revised bill has been completed. Thank you to all persons who took the time to provide feedback.

Due in part to questions raised during the consultation period, the Ministry took the decision to prepare accompanying regulations before taking the bill back to the Legislative Assembly. Drafting instructions have been issued and, once completed; both the bill and regulations will be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

We want to ensure that the public is better able to understand the implications for enacting the Legislation and look forward to the continued support of all in passing a Tobacco Law in the Cayman Islands.

In the interim, we continue to support the work of the Public Health Department, Cancer Society and the Department of Counseling Services in encouraging persons affected by lifestyle diseases to make a choice to improve their health and quit smoking.

Together we can make a difference.

Diane Montoya – Chief Officer Ministry of Health and Human Services