Today’s Editorial January 15: Little League event worth supporting

Cayman Islands Little League has scheduled an important fundraiser for its programme this coming Saturday.

Billed as Dreams to Destiny, the dinner and auction will showcase two Caymanian success stories that keep growing.

First there is the achievement of Cayman Islands Little League.

In less than two decades, the programme has swelled to provide free participation for hundreds of children.

The Field of Dreams facility in George Town is itself a spectacular achievement, offering a competition and training site that is superior to many in the United States.

Most impressively, however, Cayman Islands Little League has succeeded without depending on government money.

The founders and volunteers have done it by selling their vision to the community who came through with the financial backing. Saturday night’s dinner and auction is one more important call to the Cayman Islands community to step up to the plate and support the League.

The second Caymanian success story on display Saturday night is the continuing journey of Andrew Smiley.

The young man made his mark in recent years not only by competing in the Special Olympics and winning gold at the World Games, but also by earning a spot on the Cayman Islands CARIFTA swim team.

Smiley is a shining example of how hard work and daring to dream can pay off.

Smiley is scheduled to give a speech at Saturday’s dinner. His words should carry plenty of weight.

Other notable speakers will include Don Cooper, pitching coach for the Chicago White Sox, 2005 World Series champions.

Cooper will also coach at the White Sox training camp for Little Leaguers this weekend in Cayman. United States softball star

Jennifer McFalls, a member of the gold-medal-winning team at the 2000 Olympics, also will speak.

The dinner and silent auction will take place at Cayman Prep and High School on Walkers Road.

Tickets are $45 in aid of Cayman Islands Little League. Phone 916-5643 for more details.