DHL’s backing helps raise a Storm

The rugby season kicks off tomorrow and there will be the usual party atmosphere at the South Sound club.

It’s the start of the Alex Alexander Memorial League Championship and Knock out Shield which is sponsored by The Waterford Private Residence Club.

There will be a bouncy castle, drinks specials and barbeque. Tonight, during the club happy hour, all talk will be about the new look competition and teams, anticipation will be high and the scent of what is to come will be tantalizing the senses.

The team sponsors DHL, Don Fosters Dive, Heineken, Queensgate and BPC will be well represented by their squads in the upcoming pitch battles. Each team has a new look about it as juniors, experienced and new, untried talent have been moulded into the five teams for the 2008 season. The next 23 matches over 19 weeks will be fiercely competed and very entertaining.

Mike Woollard, DHL sales manager, said: ‘DHL are getting quite involved in sponsorship and advertising for the first time on the island and we’ve sponsored the Cayman Storm rugby team for the Alex Alexander championship. We’re proud to be a sponsor and hope the team will do well this year.

Simon Fenn is DHL’s country manager. He said: ‘I’m very excited. I think this is going to give DHL a lot of exposure and rugby is a sport that Mike and I are very keen on, but I’m just too old to play now. I’d rather come and watch on Saturdays with a beer in my hand. That’s me. They tried to get me for Knackerfest but no way. Football twice a week is what I’ll stick to. As part of the sponsorship deal, the DHL couriers will be wearing the Cayman Storm rugby jerseys when they do their pick ups and deliveries in the week. We’re also going to be handing out free mini rugby balls on behalf of the club to our customers.

Richard ‘Grizz’ Adams, technical director for the rugby club, said: ‘I’m delighted. It’s great to welcome DHL on board for the Wilford AA Cup. We expect a fantastic season, five senior clubs this year. I’m very excited by it all.’