Smoking ban comments astonishing

I found Dr. Yin’s comments concerning the effects of the smoking ban in Scotland astonishing.

As a medic, does she really think that in only one year people who have smoked for years can cut hospital admissions by 17 per cent?

If she thinks that a smoking ban similar to ours will help children from starting, she should visit Scotland and see for herself.

The truth of the matter in Scotland is that smokers are forced to stand outside bars and restaurants in full view of the public (children included).

At this time of year the average temperature is three or four degrees centigrade and in my opinion is only storing up even more problems for the future.

Although this kind of problem does not affect the Cayman Islands, I have witnessed some of the terrific storms that you do get and would not like to stand in the open during these.

All that was required here were large signs at entrances declaring that the establishment was smoking or non-smoking, and in the Cayman Islands there are many places that could easily segregate areas for each.

As a medical person, Dr. Yin should try and see both sides of the debate and help find a more practical solution.

Jim Mc Gregor – Kirkintilloch, Scotland