Won’t return to Cayman

I don’t understand why the government of your island continues to destroy what your island is all about.

Every time I read the Compass there is a story about how this island is deteriorating day by day due to lack of control and willingness to act by your government.

Cruise ships destroying the reefs, uncontrolled speeding young drivers causing chaos on your roads, over building of what used to be the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, people killing each other, etc. etc.

I lived on your island for four years back in the late 80s and early 90s when the island was very safe to walk around at any time of the day as well as drive scooters on your roads without getting run over.

My wife and I planned a vacation to Cayman in 2005 planning to make it an annual event.

When we arrived and drove to our condo we were immediately disappointed in the disarray on the island.

I have read in this paper before reading that the hotel and condo owners are having a very hard time filling rooms due to the over abundance of accommodations on the island.

Yet we saw major building still going on everywhere.

It is a real shame that your government is so greedy for the tourist dollar that they cannot see they are actually chasing them away.

We will not be back due to your government letting one of the most safe, quaint beautiful island sink into the greedy toilet.

Brian John